Repairs of very hard damages


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Hail-storms often cause also very large deformation of metal sheet (Picture 1). Dents can be large also more than 100mm in the diameter. It causes so-called “cracking” of the metal sheet during its levelling. The reason is, that such a big dents grow by extension of the metal sheet and in time of levelling into the original shape make every time the bump.

The same situation appears also in big deformations with sharp and deep middle, caused on parking place, by car transport or by downfallen of the snow.

Common thing is, to change whole car body part. Thanks to our new welding technique (Picture 2) it is possible to repair such damaged car body segments and save them. For the firm car body parts, which are firmly assembled on the car by welding it is the biggest advantage.

This welding repair method is called “metal sheet contraction” and it is necessary to remove paint from one side of the car body part, during this method. The temperature of warming of damaged place is 70-80°C only, so anticorrosive treatment from the second side of the damaged place stays safe.
If the deformation is so hard, that it is not possible to use sticking method in inaccessible places, we straighten the deformation by spotting method (spare welding of adapters and using reverse hammer). It happen a minimal scale of anticorrosion treatment.

If the paint shop will do every paint work just as it should, there are no problems with corrosion and cement doesn´t get trough, because cementation performs on only thin layer (spraying cement and filler are enough).

Compared to the other side, during the repair of e. g. car roof, there is a risk of outflow of corrosion placed from new created spot connections, this matter mainly to new bodywork and bodyworks of white or light colours.

It is also possible to repair extension deformations of aluminium parts, thanks to above mentioned method.
It is necessary to be very careful within choosing the right company for this kind of repair. This is really a very complicated operation and the hazards are great!


We are able to repair more than the others!